Euro Heat Pipes

At incorporation

Euro Heat Pipes (EHP) was incorporated in 2001 based on technology from the ULB (Microgravity Research Center of the Faculty of Applied Sciences) and the department Heat Pipes and Two Phase Systems of SABCA. Euro Heat Pipes develops, produces and commercialises two-phase thermoregulation systems. They passively transport heat from a heat source to a remote cold source, cooling very efficiently, amongst others, electronics, increasing their lifetime.  

Current situation

The cooling technology was initially developed for spatial applications, market in which EHP is the major European player. The technology was recently adapted to be applied in non-spatial applications as trains, aeronautics, ... EHP technology will replace traditional systems at lower weight, reducing significantly energy consumption and increasing electronics’ lifetime. The non-spatial applications will be further developed in an independent, recently incorporated company: Calyos.


Theodorus acquired 24% of the shares from one of the founders of the company in 2007. Theodorus supported very actively a fund raising of € 4 Mn in 2008, in which the ULB participated for € 1 Mn.


Olivier de Laet - CEO

«Theodorus is a real partner with an important added value in strategy, finance, ... Our discussions help me to obtain, each time again, a helicopter view on my business. That’s how they help me to take decisions on a very objective basis.

Finally, a fund like Theodorus is very important in our sector to attract and keep the scarce specialists.»

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