Endo Tools Therapeutics

At incorporation

Endo Tools Therapeutics (ETT), incorporated in 2009, has developed an innovative gastro-enterologic medical device in collaboration with the Department of Gastro-Enterology of the Erasme University Hospital and ULB engineers from the Department BEAMS Biomechanics and Instrumentation. 

Current situation

Endo Tools Therapeutics develops a gastro-enterologic medical device that allows both to diagnose and to apply surgery via the natural orifices. First clinical test has been conducted March 15, 2012, with success. An international multicentric trial is being implemented.


Theodorus invested € 350K at incorporation. In 2011 an additional amount of € 675K was raised to fund ETT’s further development, in which Theodorus participated for € 150K. Finally, the company obtained a convertible loan of nearly € 400K. This was converted in January 2013, when an additional € 2.5 Mn were raised from an industrial partner to finance the international multicentric clinical study in obesity treatment.



Alexandre Chau – CEO

« Without Theodorus, ETT would never exist. It is very difficult to finance high risk projects in a seed or start-up phase. I’m delighted that Theodorus recruited me as CEO of the company. We interact very regularly and they are represented in the Board, sharing their experience and networks with us. We hope, partly thanks to their investment, that many patients benefit from our new technology. »

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