Bone Therapeutics

At incorporation

Bone Therapeutics, incorporated in 2006, develops cell therapy products for the treatment and regeneration of bone tissue. Its technological platform, based on patented processes, aims at producing osteoblasts out of stem cells.

The ULB partners are the Rheumatology Department and the Unit for Molecular and Cell Therapy of the Erasme University Hospital.

Current situation

Bone Therapeutics is specialised in bone reconstruction therapies (osteonecrosis, non-union fractures, ...) and the treatment of diseases like osteoporosis.

Its technology and products focus on two major markets: the orthopaedic (bone and articulations) and the maxillofacial reconstruction.


Theodorus invested € 500K at incorporation, creating an important leverage with other investors. In a second round, Bone Therapeutics raised € 3.8 Mn to accelerate its development in the next three years. In 2011, Bone realised a third capital increase of € 9.5 Mn to further accelerate its preclinical and clinical programs. An additional € 2.5 Mn were raised end 2011 to finance the production site at Gosselies and finally € 7.7 Mn in January 2013 to continue to develop the autologous Phase 3 trials and to start a Phase 1 - 2A clinical study in allogeneic treatment of non-consolidating fractures.


Enrico Bastianelli - CEO

« Bone diseases represent one of the most important global markets, with few competition in the niches Bone Therapeutics wants to exploit. In Europe alone, Bone can treat yearly between 100,000 and 200,000 patients. 

The role of Theodorus for a young company like Bone Therapeutics is crucial because raising money is very difficult for a young, innovating company in a seed or start-up phase. The initial financing allowed already the treatment of 120 patients. »

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