Win-win process

ULB innovation

The ULB valuates its research results as licenses or spin-offs via its Technology Transfer Office. This generates revenues which can be re-injected in future research. (

Extraction and incubation centers

Extraction and incubation centers help people with a project, providing advice for starting up and financing their company, providing office or laboratory surfaces, ...  

  • EEBIC (Erasmus European Business & Innovation Center, Brussels) offers a complete "one-stop-shopping" solution, from the development of a business plan over the financing of the company and its housing.
  • I-TechIncubator : situated in the Charleroi Brussels South Biopole very close to the institutes, research centers, labs and spin-offs of the ULB. The I-Tech Incubator offers a complete support for the valuation of biotechnologic, engineering and green tech projects. Housing can be provided in nearly 5,000 m² infrastructure, adapted to the specific needs.
  • Cap Innove : incubation center for innovating projects in Nivelles, linked with Solvay Entrepreneurs which offers educational programs and support for enterpreneurs and CEOs of SMEs in the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (ULB).


All projects positively evaluated by the Investment Committee get (partly) financed by Theodorus.

Value creation

Theodorus develops, at incorporation, a model to fairly distribute the profit, created at exit from a spin-off, amongst all stakeholders: ULB, researchers, management team and financial investors.




Isabelle Lefebvre - Responsible for ULB TTO

« The ULB Technology Transfer Office and Theodorus are very complementary in the valuation of the ULB research results. The TTO offers a « Fonds de Maturation » which can modestly finance proof-of-concepts. After this, the project can be presented to Theodorus in a more mature stage, after approval by the ULB  «  Comité de Valorisation ». Theodorus analyses the projects, develops them and finally finances the best amongst them. The TTO and Theodorus work in very close collaboration. Historically, the ULB projects were mainly in the biotechnology domain. Recently, we see more projects combining medical and engineering skills: diagnostics, medical devices, … »

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