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You Know Watt developed a technology delivering the electrical consumption of individual appliances from a unique point of measure (e.g. electricity meter). This can be achieved through the recognition of appliance consumption signatures.

This technology will be commercialised through partnerships to industrial clients (retail, fastfood, production units, …) and in the medium term to individual households.

Theodorus III participates in a nearly € 1.5 Mn capital increase to finalise product development and to start commercialization.

 AMIA SYSTEMS provides expertise and sells the SIMMOGA ® software to industrial companies looking to optimize their flows and processes in-house. The software is based on proprietary algorithm that uses a limited amount of data to generate a set of optimized scenarios, through an interactive and user-friendly interface.
Theodorus III has participated in June 2014 in a more than € 500K capital increase to start commercialisation and to sign the first partnerships.
Calyos is a spin-out of Euro Heat Pipes, which historically raised € 3.4 Mn in two rounds. It develops, produces and commercialises two-phase thermoregulating systems for non-space applications. The first one has been integrated in Alstom underground trains and the start of commercialisation is planned in 2014. The second will be integrated in high power computers in the short term.
Calyos has raised in addition € 3.4 Mn in April – June 2014 to accelerate its commercial and industrial development.                                          
Masthercell, an innovative cGMP manufacturing platform, has been incorporated for the clinical and commercial production of cellular therapy products in Europe. Production has started up early 2014 after GMP accreditation has been obtained. First contracts have been signed, several others are in final negociation.
The company plans an additional development in the USA. This development will be financed by an additional € 2 Mn, raised in September 2014.



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