An excellent track record for the investors

Theodorus is a spin-off fund that generates real return for its investors. The management team and the Investment Committee select very carefully and independently only these projects that have a high probability of success, a significant growth potential and an international ambition. Invest in Theodorus III until end 2014.

A fund in full expansion

The Theodorus management team launched Theodorus III in June 2013. The capital of the fund was increased with € 5 Mn in December 2013. This fund has been partly capitalised by the current Theodorus II investors but the management team was able to attract new, additional investors. Contact us for more information.

An international focus

Theodorus wants to attract international investors in Theodorus III, creating a broader visibility and more financial and exit opportunities for its spin-offs.

A trustful partner

The Theodorus management team is recognised for its expertise and track record. This reputation makes fund raising for the Theodorus participations easier. Currently, Theodorus, investing € 1, is able to attract € 7 additional capital in its participations (excl. non-dilutive financing). This leverage capacity is one of the reasons of the Theodorus success.


Goedele Ertveldt - Investment Manager, Belfius

« Theodorus is an initiative that is a model in Belgium. Support innovation and young talented people is the foundation of a sound economic model. Belfius, as privileged partner of Belgian public sector, wants to support the ULB in the economic valuation of its research. Thanks to Theodorus a significant number of projects have already been supported and financed. For investors wanting to invest with return in university research, I do positively advise Theodorus.»

Thibaut Busschaert - Communication & Corporate Responsibility, AXA Belgium

« AXA attaches a lot of importance to the support and funding of scientific research. As an insurer, AXA aims at protecting its clients, their relatives and their assets against any risk and this asks for long term priorities, vision and strategy. AXA invests the time and efforts needed to better understand and to reinforce the prevention of these risks.»

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