The management team is composed of three persons independent from the ULB and three persons employed by the ULB.

Olivier Belenger

Graduated from the ULB, Olivier specialised in supporting young, innovating companies.

« The success of a spin-off depends on three conditions: a good project, a good management team and adequate financing. The high scientific level of the ULB researchers guarantees Theodorus a continuous deal flow of excellent projects. »

Jean Van Nuwenborg

Jean combines a scientific and an economic background.

« We strongly believe in the spin-offs we support and finance. They can be very successful if their management team develops an adequate strategy. This can create a lot of value for all stakeholders. Our investors have supported us for many years and even continue to invest individually in further financing rounds.»

Marie Bouillez

Marie graduated as commercial engineer (ULB) and is now CEO of the Biopark Incubator at the Aéropole of Gosselies. She has an extensive experience in the support of young, technological companies.

« The ULB research centers generate a high number of innovating projects, both in life sciences and engineering technologies. The valuation of these projects leads to the incorporation of a significant number of spin-offs, all supported by the Biopark Incubator. »

Nicolas Casula

Nicolas studied at ULB and HEC Paris, where he obtained technical and management degrees. He then spent some years in a Management Consulting firm, before deciding to focus on helping small, fast-growing and high-tech engineering companies to develop and become successful.

“ A technology breakthrough is often required to lead to a success story, though far from sufficient. The key often lies within the complementarity and experience of its management team, so as to turn a technology into a product that fulfils a market need. By involving ourselves in the early stage of the companies lives, we try to contribute, together with their management, to the growth of perennial companies.”

Patrick Goblet

Patrick graduated as commercial engineer (ULB) and is now CFO of the ULB and CEO of the Erasme University Hospital.

Françoise Magerman

Françoise graduated as commercial engineer (ULB) and assists Patrick Goblet as ULB CFO, being responsible of the accountancy, the heritage management and the financial management of the ULB research activities.

Didier Georges

Didier is bachelor in accountancy and assists Françoise Magerman.

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