Who are we?

Theodorus is the preferential partner of the ULB researchers and the financial investors.

The ULB spin-offs are regrouped in the Theodorus funds (I, II and III). Theodorus I was incorporated in 2003, Theodorus II in 2006, both in order to improve the switch from research to economic valuation of the university innovation.

In the last ten years, Theodorus invested in a large number of spin-offs. Most of them developed very positively. All stages of maturity are represented in the Theodorus portfolio: some did just start up, others are in full development and finally some participations have already been sold to industrial partners or the spin-off management team.

Theodorus has developed an excellent reputation over the last years, mainly thanks to the financial results obtained. The Theodorus quality stamp represents very often a leverage for further capital funding, needed for the development of each of the spin-offs.

The success of Theodorus is based on the expertise of its management team and its independence. The Theodorus management team investigates all investment proposals on a purely objective basis. The main selection criteria are:

  • a high probability of commercial success,
  • an important growth potential,
  • a european and preferably even global focus.

Theodorus is more than just an investment fund. Its management team and networks of experts provide, besides financing, an adapted support in business planning, intellectual property, accountancy, legal issues, ... 

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